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Evowill is a Ruby development company inspired by the idea of permanent evolution.


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About Us

Who are we?

Evowill is the IT company devoted to the idea of incessant evolution. Our name consists of the words “evolution” and “will.” We believe that the best workstyle is to do what you will. All our developers love programming and are constantly honing their skills in this area.

Our main specialization is Ruby development. We outstaff specialists with 3 to 10 years of experience. Evowill’s developers are not just “contractors,” but competent team members, whose goal is to create awesome products instead of merely closing the tasks.

Why choose us?

  • We are convinced that the best code results from an understanding of business. This is why we encourage the entrepreneurial thinking of our teammates and consider every product of our clients as our own.
  • We are 100% result-oriented. The members of our team can work from anywhere, planning their schedules so as to fulfill as many tasks as possible.
  • Our management process is all about creativity rather than control and subordination. We build relationships on the fundament of cooperation and everyone’s responsibility for the result, encouraging initiative and creative thinking. This approach applies to all the projects we work with.
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Our Principles


Our company’s title comprises the words ‘evolution’ and ‘will.’ All of our team members are avid learners, keen about new technologies and capable of changing their roles in accordance with new circumstances. Likewise, we apply this approach to the process of software development: instead of merely writing the code, we refine our products.


Outstanding results cannot be achieved on one’s own. It always takes a great team to create a great project. Inasmuch as we all have different experiences, ages, and jobs, every project results from co-creation and synergy.

Business mindset

We encourage our teammates to think as founders rather than employees. Each and every one of us is a self-reliant business person, treating the company and its customers’ products as responsibly and proactively as one’s own enterprise.


Evowill company policy stems from the values of non-discrimination and tolerance. We are open to people with any backgrounds and beliefs, since their diverse experiences form a unique combination.

Our Stack Of Technologies

Why Ruby is cool?

Ruby on Rails is a framework that provides fast and simple development. It includes all the tools needed to create web applications with useful Front-end and Back-end parts. That is because this framework is based on an MVC pattern that allows changing and replacing architectural parts without affecting others.

Why it’s the best choice for startups?

Ruby as a language is very simple and short, so development takes less time. The framework Ruby on Rails is also intended for fast results, so programmers can create MVP in weeks or months.

and also for large projects?

Applications created using Ruby on Rails are scalable, that’s why products can grow without many changes. These apps are easy to maintain and test even if a product contains a lot of features and uses by many customers.


Our Services


  1. Accordance
    We can complete your team with developers that fit your requirements. You can choose professionals with suitable experience, soft skills, and vision. Our developers will be a part of your team accepting your work style, working hours, and rules.
  2. Flexibility
    Our teammates are available to work with as well on short-term as long-term contracts. They are also open to part-time opportunities when you need to support existing code or solve some tasks periodically.
  3. Simplicity
    We can share with you the CVs of available developers immediately or find suitable candidates in the short term. You save money by avoiding paying day-offs and sick leaves. You pay monthly after receiving an invoice according to spent hours.


  1. Responsibility
    Our team can take full responsibility for developing your product. We can participate in discussing ideas, building an architecture, setting up the devs team, supporting, and testing. Besides, we are experienced in planning the development process with Scrum giving you the ability to control the result in stages.
  2. Creativity
    Our developers are not only implementors but creative professionals who can propose technical solutions. We are using the most suitable technologies for every project making applications user-friendly, fast, and easy-maintainable.
  3. Speed
    We know how important to implement ideas fast, especially for startups. Our team can create MVP in very short terms. Besides, we can involve fast all necessary tech and non-tech professionals to speed up DevOps, testing, and support processes.

Our Team


Founder and CEO

I am a nomad, I like to travel and go to the mountains. I also collect modern art.

  • I am a nomad and I travel the world, building my life spontaneously. I like climbing and hiking, exploring new cities, and collecting contemporary art.
  • Graduated as a journalist
  • Had learned programming by myself
  • Have been working in IT for 7 years
  • Worked with such languages as Ruby, Java, Kotlin, Golang
  • Established Evowill without external investment
  • Responsible for strategy, hiring, managing, and finance


Middle IT Project Manager

I like coaching, team building and psychology. Prefer book reading and playing computer games, especially strategies

  • Middle Project Manager and Scrum Master;
  • I am responsible for strategic planning and Scrum implementation in a team of 10+ members of Ruby Developers;
  • I am good at: onboarding, managing processes in the team, coaching, professional development, facilitation, and talent development;
  • Systematize a great massive of information and take part in creating a studying program for Juniors;


Business Development Manager

I like to meet new people, travel, play the guitar and computer games.

  • I have extensive experience in sales;
  • I am setting up processes in the lead generation and sales department;
  • My first main goal of my work is to build reliable and long-lasting relations with other companies;
  • My second main goal is to encourage our customers to buy again.


Senior Ruby Dev

I love playing basketball, cycling and making musical instruments out of wood. I also like to walk with friends in new places for me and explore the world around.

  • I'm a Software Developer with 7 years of experience;
  • I started my journey as а PHP Developer. Besides, I had been a Team Lead for 2 years;
  • Lately, I've been completely committed to Ruby and have the role of Tech Lead of our dev team;
  • I have to communicate with different teams and take a part in planning, creating features, and deploying.


Senior Ruby Dev

My interests are: electronic music (listening, making and visiting the raves), watching the movies  programming, mathematics, physics, digital technologies.

  • I have more than 7 years of experience in Software development;
  • Started my career as a Front-end developer. For now, I've been working for 3 years using my skills in Ruby as a Full Stack Developer;
  • Besides, I had been a Tech Lead in the Front-end team for 2 years;
  • My responsibilities included architectural solutions, mentorship, code optimizations, and code reviews.


Senior Ruby Dev

As for my hobbies, I go gym, I like it, I try to get bigger. Also my heart belongs to football, but I can't play it really often. And the other free time I spend with my friends.

  • I have been working as a Ruby on Rails Developer for 3,5 years;
  • My experience includes 4 long-term projects, several freelance projects, startups and huge legacy projects;
  • I took a part in planning the architecture and database structure, creating new features, and supporting existing code;
  • I apply the best OOP practices, including design patterns and SOLID principles.


Middle Ruby Dev

I like to do some sports, especially cycling and play the guitar and piano in my free time. Besides, without internet i'm into reading some fiction or fantasy books

  • I have been working as a Ruby on Rails Developer for 3,5 years;
  • I am a proactive, responsible, and friendly team player. I have good communication skills;
  • I took a part in planning the architecture and database structure, creating new features, and supporting existing code;
  • I have been taking a part in Scrum processes, code review, and meetings with clients.


Middle Ruby Dev

As for my hobbies, I like to play table tennis with my friends. I also like to watch movies and listen to music. I try to spend my free time with friends and family.

  • I am a Ruby Developer with 3 years of experience;
  • My experience includes working in big teams from different countries and creating the Back-end part as a solo developer;
  • I am also experienced in bug-fixing both Front-end and Back-end parts, covering code by Rspec tests, and setting up CircleCI and Docker Compose;
  • I am an open-minded person, a team player, and persistent in achieving my goals.


Ruby Developer

In my spare time from programming, I like to play the guitar. Also play computer games and watch series

  • I am a Ruby on Rails developer who has been working for 3 years;
  • My experience includes working in big teams and being a solo developer who communicated with clients directly;
  • I have been developing new functionality, refactoring, and participating in database planning;
  • I am a self-organized and purposeful person who is not afraid to face difficulties. I like to solve technical problems and learn new technologies and languages.


Ruby Developer

My interests are: any active pastimes like walking, swimming, playing sport games, playing my favorite songs on acoustic guitar, watching charming movies.

  • I am a Ruby on Rails developer with 2.5 years of experience;
  • I had been working on 3 long-term projects. My responsibilities included implementing new features, supporting the existing code base, and writing tests;
  • As a person, I am respectful, adaptive, and flexible. I combine being friendly and patent in communication with Upper-intermediate English;
  • Now I am looking for new challenges, and have the greatest belief that no problem can’t be solved.


Ruby Developer

I'm a guitarist and a drummer for a pretty long time and I learned to play both of the instruments by myself. Also, I have a passion for computer games.

  • I have been working as a Ruby on Rails developer for 3 years;
  • I participated in the development of 3 products, including created from scratch and already existing ones;
  • My responsibility was concentrated on writing the Back-end part of applications. The routine included implementing new features, maintaining existing solutions, refactoring, and creating unit tests;
  • I like to set goals. Challenges motivate me to work hard, to implement practical and theoretical knowledge, and as a result to grow as a specialist.


Senior Ruby Dev

I love playing basketball, cycling and making musical instruments out of wood. I also like to walk with friends in new places for me and explore the world around.

Work Experience

I am a Software Developer with 7,5 years of experience. I was involved in 3 longterm projects with Ruby on Rails for 3,5 years. Also, I started my career as a PHP developer and worked on 4 long-term and many short-term projects. I have been communicating with different teams and taking a part in planning, creating features, refactoring, testing, and deploying.

Professional Skills

Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDb

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